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Tech Terminology

Tech Made Simple :)


What is -


  • A Brochure Website - is a modern simple design highlighting your company's products or services, we can develop a website using the very best in modern technologies to suit your business


  • An eCommerce Website - is a fully functional online shop offering a product or service/experience with a product catalog, categories, price and product details displayed. Visitors can purchase these via a secure payment process with debit or credit card. The system can also calculate shipping costs which are added to the purchase cost of a product. We have the capabilities of getting your products online and available in a very short space of time, getting you return on your Digital Package investment quickly


  • Templates - we will offer you a number of pre-designed templates that our development team have created, these are pre-constructed website layouts using the most modern technologies, this will allow the development process to progress getting your business online quickly


  • Mobile Responsive Design - You might have heard of this before and got confused, but simply it is a modern design which allows the website to function properly on a mobile phone or tablet, all our website templates are made with this design capability 


  • SEO Strategy - Is a plan on how to make your website more visible on the Web, when people enter certain words that are relevant to your business or industry sector into a search engine like Google or Bing the relevant website should show on a result list, therefore giving you strong online visibility. All our Websites will have the best SEO practices implemented ensuring you that we get your visible and credible!


  • Web Analytics - Is a collection of digital tools that measures your websites/social media channels performance, they analyse different indicators on how people react to your online presence and the content you share. As part of all our Digital Packages we will review your Web Analytics and advise on where your online business is being generated and what target audience is engaging with you, these results will be complied in a report and explained so you can understand better in what direction your online business is going


  • Email Marketing Strategy - Is a system/plan of sending emails that your business may have acquired over time, which allows you to promote your company and the products or services you offer. It is also a very good way of keeping your customers engaged with your business, if you need this service setup it is an optional extra, we will build in an email signup form as part of your Digital Package, but don't worry we can setup and execute these campaigns for you as part of our service


  • PPC Campaign - (using Google Adwords) As a more focused and direct way of getting your online visibility, directing visitors to your website by developing a list of words that most describe the products/services and industry sector you operate in, we can also localise your business using words that describe your geographical location. (note this is also an optional extra with all Digital Packages as a separate budget will have to be developed and added in as these Adword campaigns work on a pay-per-click basis, so the more people that click on your ad, the more the ad budget diminishes as you will be charged for every click that a visitor makes). But don't worry we will setup these campaigns for you and advise you on what we think will work best, so you get the Best Value for your Ad budget


  • PR | Blogging (optional Extra) - This is where we will research your market area to find the most suitable online PR Agents or Bloggers  that maybe interested in your business and promoting it. (Bloggers are simply online article writers who post their articles to a captive interested audience), this building further your online visibility and credibility


  • Link Building - This is a process that is used to create backlinks and better visibility for your website from other relevant businesses (not competitors) in your sector. We will only backlink to quality websites that have a good credible online reputation :)