Katies Kombucha

Katies Kombucha

We were delighted to work with Katie’s Kombucha to create a beautiful, responsive website that best suited the company’s unique needs. The aim of this website was to improve SEO, increase the brand’s online presence in a professional manner and ultimately grow the business. The imagery and colour palette used is consistent with the packaging colours, making it not only eye-catching but also reinforcing the Katie’s Kombucha brand.

This eCommerce website is clear and easy to use making the customer experience simple for experienced web users and complete novices. We lead with the brand’s news, where all of the most important company and product information is announced first. When this content is refreshed, so is the website, making it more easily searchable online.

The inclusion of ‘Our Story’ gives the website a personal touch, forging a connection between the customer and the brand, and encouraging brand loyalty. The ‘Recipe’ tab encourages repeat visitors to the website & can increase sales.

The inclusion of a log in so customers can view their orders adds a level of transparency and trustworthiness to the website, something that is vital to a good business model. This responsive, vibrant design is perfect for a modern, youthful business like Katie’s Kombucha.

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