ICRA - The Irish Crusier Racing Association

Our team had the honour of collaborating with the Irish Cruiser Racing Association (ICRA), an esteemed entity in the world of Irish sailing. Founded in 2002 by a dedicated group of offshore sailors, including Jim Donegan, Fintan Cairns, and Denis Kiely, ICRA has been at the forefront of promoting cruiser racing and establishing prestigious national championships that continue to thrive today.

In creating a digital platform for ICRA, our aim was to encapsulate the rich history and dynamic spirit of the cruiser racing community in Ireland. The website we developed serves as a comprehensive hub for information on the association's inception, its founders' vision, and the ongoing success of its events and initiatives. Highlighting ICRA's commitment to the sport, the site details the annual National Cruiser Championships and the significant influence ICRA holds in representing cruiser racing interests at a national level.

The essence of ICRA's vibrant community is conveyed through interactive features and archival content, including highlights like the inaugural National Championships at Howth Yacht Club and the crowning of the first ICRA Boat of the Year, “Voodoo Chile,” in 2004. The platform not only celebrates the past achievements of ICRA but also paves the way for future engagement and growth within the sailing community.

Our collaboration with the Irish Cruiser Racing Association was not just about building a website; it was about crafting a digital legacy that reflects the passion and dedication of the cruiser racing sector in Ireland, fostering a sense of unity and pride among sailors nationwide.

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