Irish Dance Dublin

We had the privilege of working with Irish Dance Dublin, an esteemed dance school founded by Mary Beth Taylor, TCRG, dedicated to sharing the joy and tradition of Irish dancing and sean-nós dancing with adult learners of all skill levels. Located in the heart of Dublin, this vibrant academy is a beacon for those looking to dive into the world of traditional Irish dance, whether as a returning enthusiast or a curious beginner.

In crafting the digital presence for Irish Dance Dublin, our goal was to create a platform that reflects the school’s welcoming spirit and the dynamism of Irish dance. The website serves as an inviting portal for prospective dancers, providing detailed information about the diverse classes offered, from Beginner to Advanced levels, and highlighting the unique benefits of dance for fitness, flexibility, memory, and social interaction.

Our collaboration with Irish Dance Dublin was focused on showcasing the school’s commitment to high-quality dance instruction and its role in fostering a lively community of dancers. The site features rich content about the different dance styles taught, the background of the founder, and the inclusive atmosphere of the classes, encouraging visitors to step into the enchanting world of Irish dance.

The result is a user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing website that not only serves as an informational resource but also captures the essence of Irish Dance Dublin's passion for dance and community. It invites users to explore, connect, and embark on their own dance journey, supported by the expertise and enthusiasm of Mary Beth Taylor and her team.

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