How do you find professional service people? While it used to be custom to flick through the yellow pages, websites have become the primary way to find trustworthy professionals. We were delighted to work with IPCA to create a website showcasing their professional members, and their specialist skills and optimising their online presence. The IPCA is a trade association with members who have a professional interest in the prevention of public health pests

The design of the website is clean and clear, much like the services the members provide. We created an easy to navigate website that is suitable for all users. The company purpose and business aims are front and centre as the most important message of the website. We used striking imagery to draw the eye inward and clickable links making the customer experience as effortless as possible. The colour palette is basic, letting the information and imagery speak for itself.

An important part of this website was the log in section, from which members can access their learning materials. The benefits of becoming a member are clearly stated along with information and pricing on their training. The responsive, accessible website created by EBCD continues to attract new members and offer existing members a reference source.

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