Buyers Agent

Established in 2012, Buyers Agents is Ireland’s first property buyer’s agent helping people to find their dream homes. They felt their current website did not accurately represent their expertise and knowledge of the property industry and engaged EBCD due to our excellent reputation for quality work. We got to work creating a vast brochure-type website where they were able to display the most recent properties available, make direct contact with agents and becoming a “One Stop Shop” for buyers and investors.

Customer experience and company legitimacy were our top priorities when designing the website for Buyer’s Agent. The navigation bar is further categorised into sections, meaning less needless scrolling for visitors. The inclusion of the Fees, Testimonial and Contract Download links were important for transparency and add to the trustworthiness of the business to potential customers.

The Services tab explains exactly what the company does, broken down into the types of visitors we expected to use the website.

Working together, we have created a website that is interactive and simple to use for all types of web users. All of our websites are responsive, meaning they reformat depending on the device the viewer is using, from desktop to mobile.

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